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Title: tracks and cylinders
Post by: srxyamiman on October 05, 2009, 09:14:12 pm
Still have not found the right track but am working on an old john dear or massey track.

Second I have 116 inch srx tracks, could i just use smaller front drivers and make this work, and if so would i just change my gear ratio by the same percentage that i went down in driver size?

Lastly. I just bought a 73 gp 292 that i was going to restore, but sled is not really my favorite.  I tore down the engine and it is in need of a complete rebuild.  water in bottom end...... Cylinder is measuring 72.75mm

What is the stock bore for a 292?
Could i put this cylinder and carb on my apache and make it a ss? Or in yamaha talk is the cylinder and single ring piston the only difference in the 292's?