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Brad and the snake
   In the summer of 71 while working at Roll-o-Flex,I had seen tube frame Baja  buggies on TV. I decided that I would build one for myself.  I used a water cooled Renault rear engine and trans axle and a VW front end. I had it finished off open tube frame, no windshield, no body. But got it licensed street legal as a flat bed truck. I drove it as my daily driver for nearly a year. The RCMP stopped me out buy your farm Richard, to check me out to see if I was legal, everything passed, but the officer wanted to know why it was registered as a truck. I stood there and patted the 24 inch by 18 inch piece of ply wood covering the engine and said “Flat Bed”. He shook his head and walked back to his car.
One day that summer I was out at Boggy Creek in my buggy,  Brad  and a group of our motorcycle racing buddies were out there also on their bikes.  I was following them around the trails; I tended to have a tough time in my buggy keeping up with then as they tore around trails. As I was driving down this trail to catch up to them, there was this good sized Garter snake beetling along the trail, as I came upon it I reached out and scooped it up. It wrapped itself around my arm and went up the sleeve of my jacket as I went on driving, I left it there. I then caught up to the bike riders who had stopped for a breather. I got out of the Buggy and walked up to the group with the snake still up my sleeve. As we stood there talking, I stood beside Brad and put my arm with the snake up the sleeve, on his shoulder. The snake got curious and went up my arm to have a look around out of my sleeve;  it came out right beside Brads face and stuck its tongue out right next to Brads eye.  Brad suddenly threw himself screaming to the ground as I stood there looking innocent. Everyone was stunned not knowing what had happened to Brad. I then tossed the snake at next closest guy in the group causing quite a ruckus. The poor snake escaped unharmed into the grass.
 I hadn’t realized that Brad was so frightened of snakes.
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