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Author Topic: Some Artic Cats Smelled Funny  (Read 2975 times)
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« on: February 09, 2010, 11:24:04 PM »

Some Arctic Cats smelled funny
In 1971 we were racing in Minot on the oval. In the 440 A Main, I was hard on the leading Cat looking to pass when the  Cats free air engine exploded like a grenade and  hit the driver in the face and chest blowing him backwards off his machine. I helped to load him on the stretcher. I was sure he was dead. As it turned out he was just knocked out, and he returned to race later.
All that left of his engine, was  the  bottom  half of the crankcase. Half of the crank shaft with the clutch was in the belly pan on one side, the mag  and  other  half of the crank in the belly pan on the  other  side. The cylinders, heads  and  pistons had disintegrated blowing him off his machine.
He was probably using some  of  that  “special  fuel”, Gene.
As I remember we used  Blendsall  Gold  Label and aviation gas. Lemans products had some stuff called Nitro Additive; I think was just liquid ether. We used mix it up 1 can Gold Label, 3 oz Nitro Additive to 1 gal  aviation gas. This was a little hard on  Paddy’s  budget . People used to say they thought the Roll-o-flex machines smelled pretty good on the track.
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Up until about six or seven years ago I was the tech director for a drag racing organisation here in Ontario and you would be amazed at what some guys would try and get away with. I had a couple different methods for testing fuel samples, and it was common to find one or two guys with some secret blend almost every weekend. And they all swore they just bought gas at the corner garage.
Exhaust systems with the baffles cut out on the stock sleds, and different stinger diameters on the mod sleds were another common problem.
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