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Author Topic: Question for Wade and / or Gene.  (Read 9844 times)

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  Richard and Gene
    I don't recall any of our machines being designated as GTX . Wild One was the name of the White machine as far as I can remember. Some of the distributers in the East did strange things to market machines, so mabe the GTX came from them.

Hi Gene/Wade-
I don't know how authoritative this is, but in the October 1973 issue of Snow Goer magazine (which has according to the cover the "complete specs on over 250 new snowmobiles"), under the Roll-O-Flex section of specs, it list "GT" models and then after this it lists "GTX" models and they were the GTX 247 (Yamaha 247 free air), GTX 338 (Yamaha 338 free air), GTX 433 (Yamaha 433 free air) and GTR 433 (Yamaha 433 Reed Valve).   I know the factory sales brochures only referenced "Wild One", but this magazine spec listing referencing the GTX could explain why people refer to them at GTXs.

For what its worth.  Jim
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